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Our aim is to help the Honey Bee in the Liverpool area.

If you spot a swarm anywhere in the Liverpool area, give us a call on 07939 041 283. We will collect it and find a safe home for it.

A swarm is the honey bees' way of multiplying, they take place when the weather is fine from May until August. It is just the normal way bees have reproduces for millions of years.

A swarm is nothing to worry about, the bees have nothing to protect except their Queen. They have; no home, no honey, no brood (eggs, larvae and pupa) to protect, so they normally have no reason to sting anyone.

We can only collect swarms when it is safe to do so. If it is too dangerous we will give you advise.

Honey Bees on a Brood Comb

Wasp on a Paper Nest

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Bumble Bee on Clover

Swarms of bees collected from:

Swarms of bees collected from: